Nissan GTR R35 Performance Parts for 2012–2016

Nissan’s GTR sports car proves itself a dominating vehicle on the road given its exceptionally high performance and grand touring capability. Take yours one step further with added aftermarket Nissan GTR R35 performance parts for 2012–2016. Today, order any of our full wide body kits or full body kits for all the pieces you need; you can also purchase select specific parts from our inventory, like front bumpers, rear bumpers, hoods, fenders, rear diffusers, and so on. With affordable pricing and customizable shipping options, our mission is for you to have the perfect vehicle on the road. Don’t wait—order your 2012–2016 Nissan GTR R35 performance parts today. Visit our parts and material FAQ page for more information on parts and pieces; you can also send an email to