DarwinPRO Aerodynamics
PCF8002RP Full Kit with Hood

2011-2014 McLaren MP4 12C Rebel Performance Style Partial Carbon Fiber Full Body Kit

Darwinpro 2011-2014 McLaren MP4 12C Rebel Performance Style Partial Carbon Fiber Full Body Kit

Condition: Brand New

Material Option: PCF/FGPCF/DryPCF

Fits McLaren MP4 12C

Package Contents: One Partial carbon fiber front bumper

One carbon fiber front lip

One pair of carbon fiber side skirts

One Partial carbon fiber rear bumper

One Partial carbon fiber hood

Part No: PCF8002RP-FB CF8002RP-FL CF8002RP-SS PCF8002RP-RB  PCF8002RP-H  

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  • $15,700.00