3 Tesla Features That Make It the Car of the Future

3 Tesla Features That Make It the Car of the Future

One of the most attention-grabbing cars on the road is the Tesla, and many people look to this car because of its unique features. The Tesla brand continues to push the agenda of people having futuristic cars, and the public looks to these vehicles as a model for what’s next in the automotive world. Learn about a few special features that make Teslas the car of the future; discover how it feels driving into the world of tomorrow.


It’s hard to find something more futuristic than a built-in autopilot feature. This feature made Tesla a personal favorite among the public and drew the attention of many.

During autopilot, the vehicle will steer, brake, and accelerate in the same lane while also providing warnings to the driver. It’s important to know that Teslas don’t become self-driving cars on autopilot; the driver will still need to control the vehicle and remain aware on the road.

Autopilot mode will provide assisted driving for the driver by using its eight cameras and 12 sensors to provide a 360-degree view of the world. The car will take the information it scans and determine the safest action for driving. You’ll need both hands on the steering wheel, or the vehicle will deactivate autopilot.

Bioweapon Defense Mode

At first glance, this feature may seem a little odd, but it’s helpful in more cases than you think. The bioweapon defense mode activates to ensure harmful pollutants in the environment outside the car stay out. The cabin becomes pressurized, and the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter activates.

This filtration prevents pollutants such as smoke, allergens, and airborne pathogens from entering the car, keeping your personal space filled with clean air. This Tesla feature makes it a car of the future since other vehicles won’t keep air contaminates out with such security. Due to its popularity, this filter will likely become standard in future vehicles across brands.

Lock and Key Systems

While keys are still a viable option for locking and opening your car, they do present some issues if you regarding placement and locating them. Tesla offers various ways to open their cars, including a card that acts as a key fob, which protects your vehicle from key scratches.

A mobile app will unlock the remaining doors once you access the car. The ability to choose how you want to access your vehicle is an excellent feature that helps you feel more in control of your vehicle. This futuristic setting is also an effective way to keep the car secure since keys aren’t available to steal and a key card is harder to take.

The Tesla will bring forth more exciting features in future models. If you want to feel prepared to drive in the future, buy a Tesla body kit for an improved version of your futuristic vehicle.

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