3 Things You Should Know About Car Shows

3 Things You Should Know About Car Shows

Car shows are the ideal place to view classic cars. These automobiles are in top shape, having been cleaned and polished specifically for this event. It is also an excellent place to see or even show supercars. Here are three things to know about car shows before attending.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Car shows are open to everyone, but guests should follow some basic rules. Most importantly: look, but don’t touch. The owners of these vehicles have spent immense amounts of time cleaning and shining their cars. Touching can leave smudges or even scratches on the freshly polished paint.

Do talk to the owners about their cars. Many are eager to discuss the modifications and restorations they’ve done. Some are open to selling if you’re in the market to buy. Manufacturers often bring new vehicles to show.

How To Show Your Car

Car shows require registration, so plan ahead. Some shows also have applications due to limited space. Once in the show, park your automobile in the shade if it takes place outdoors. This will keep you comfortable and your car cool.

Before arriving at the show, detail your vehicle. This includes not only the exterior and interior, but also the engine bay. Scrub stains, polish smudges, and vacuum crumbs and debris. Modify your car for an exceptional, unique touch. Our Mercedes Benz body kits are a great place to start.

Once arriving at the show, shine your tires. This gives your vehicle an extra touch of luxury and finesse. Open your windows and hood and prepare for judging.

What To Bring

The majority of car shows take place outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather. Sunglasses and a hat are typically a good idea, as is bringing water. While car shows usually have food vendors on site, refreshments are typically upcharged. Keep this in mind, and bring snacks if you’re not interested in paying increased prices.

If you’re showing a vehicle, prepare a touch-up kit beforehand. Windex, microfiber towels, polish, and tire shine are all good items to bring. It’s wise to have extra coolant and oil on hand, especially in hot weather. This is particularly important if you’re showing a classic car.

Keep these things to know at car shows in mind, and you will blend in with the pros.

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