3 Tips for Adding Fender Flares to Your Car

3 Tips for Adding Fender Flares to Your Car

On the road, many hazards may cause damage to our cars, especially the wheels. Foreign objects and debris may enter the wheel as you drive. But with fender flares, your wheels will have more protection. They’re useful attachments for your vehicle, and taking note of a few tips for adding fender flares to your car is important.

Make Sure the Fender Is Free of Debris

The fender of a vehicle will most likely have lots of debris covering its surface, making it difficult for you to add your fender flares. Thoroughly cleaning the surface where you plan to place the fender will make it easier for the fender to stick.

Using warm water with soap will clear away most of the dirt, and following it up with the use of isopropyl alcohol will break up any debris stuck to the metal and burn away the leftover dirt. Give it one final wipe with a tack cloth to ensure there isn't any dirt or dust that may have become pressed down from the other two cleanings.

Take Your Time With Adhesion Application

When you add fender flares to your car, they’ll require adhesion to stick to the smooth surface of your vehicle's fenders. When you reach the point of applying adhesive for the flare, whether it’s on the car, flare, or both, go slowly. Also, be careful not to stray from the area where the flare will stick to the vehicle.

And when you smooth out the flare's edge after folding it onto the fender, you also need to be thorough and careful. A single area of space that isn't smooth will eventually cause the flare to peel off and have an unappealing look.

Consider Different Styles Before Attaching Them

There are various styles of fender flares for different cars. A flare that comes with a Mercedez-Benz body kit will be different from one for a Toyota Tundra. Before you attach the fender flares, it's a good idea to look into their size and style and how they’ll look on the car.

The parts you add to your vehicle will affect various aspects, such as speed and wind resistance, especially in larger flares. The appearance may also look bulky if the vehicle's fenders are small, so keep in mind the results you want and what you'll see when choosing fender flares.

Your car and its wheels will benefit from the use of fender flares. Before you attach them, consider these tips to have the best results before hitting the road with a brand-new look.

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