Body Mods That Will Increase Your Car's Performance

Body Mods That Will Increase Your Car's Performance

A vehicle has specific limitations to its abilities while on the road. Those maneuverability and aerodynamics qualities vary depending on the car. But it’s possible to improve them. Body modifications will help your vehicle, giving it the boosted abilities that you want while driving and making driving easier.


Skirts attach to the bottom edge of the vehicle's frame underneath the doors to make the car look larger and close to the ground. As your vehicle drives, wind flows around the car and underneath it, which causes the vehicle to encounter wind resistance. This slows the car down. Attaching a skirt body mod to the car will increase your car's performance. They do this by directing the flow of air away from the vehicle’s bottom, reducing wind resistance and increasing speed.


Spoilers, or wings, help reduce drag on an automobile. When you drive, the wind constantly flows around your car, causing you to lose speed because the wind pushes against it. Adding a spoiler to the back of the vehicle disrupts the airflow by directing the air upward and splitting it in half to reduce its force on the car.


This part sits above the wheel and helps frame it. The fenders will keep contaminates and particulates such as dirt, mud, or gravel from getting into the wheel or suspension system. If either of these systems has materials that prevent them from moving, you may experience malfunctions in the wheels turning or rotating. Furthermore, the suspension’s shock absorption abilities may diminish.

Large fender body mods help keep your wheels protected and make room for larger wheels to increase your car’s performance. Larger wheels mean that more of the tires make contact with the road. In turn, the car’s handling improves, and you can make challenging turns.


A car's engine constantly needs cooling, especially if it runs for a long time. The scoop attaches to a car's hood and acts as a funnel for cool air to go directly to the engine. This cool air keeps the engine from overheating and makes a great addition to a McLaren body kit, which helps a fast-moving car drive longer on the streets.

Modifications to your vehicle come in many different types. Adding one of these pieces will improve performance and make your car a spectacle on the road.

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