Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy a BMW

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy a BMW

BMW is a famous luxury car company, so you may feel that buying one is a no-brainer if it’s possible for you. Who wouldn’t want a high-quality, luxurious classic sitting in their driveway? The fact that a vehicle is a BMW is enough to justify its purchase for many people. But just for kicks, let’s look at the compelling reasons why you should buy a BMW.

Classic Style

We love classic everything—whether they’re classic meals and drinks, classic music and styles, or classic cars. Classic doesn’t necessarily mean old. It also signifies that something never goes out of style and that we never tire of it. BMW fits that bill.

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Works Company), and its German founding dates back to 1916 when the company was a producer of aircraft engines. It wasn’t until the late 70s and early 80s that BMW became a household name in the US. At that time, yuppies found themselves proudly driving their BMWs to work and parking them in their suburban driveways at the end of the day.

BMW has stood strong as one of the world’s top-selling luxury vehicle companies, and it doesn’t look like that status will change anytime soon.

Resale Value

An excellent luxury vehicle has dependable resale value. The BMW doesn’t disappoint in that area either. Because BMW builds its vehicles so well, they can handle a lot of action and miles. When you purchase a BMW, you’re making a wise investment that you can sell or trade-in well after your initial purchase, should the need arise. If not, you’ll enjoy holding onto a classic car that stands the test of time.


Power and speed are the guidelines for high performance. BMW cars have both. They’re known for their impressive, powerful engines. And on top of that, the optional upgrades to improve performance make BMWs performing machines. Here are a few performance upgrades offered for BMWs:

  • An upgraded fuel pump to get more fuel into the engine
  • A cold air intake in place of a stock air intake to improve acceleration
  • An upgraded suspension to improve agility
  • An upgraded exhaust system to assist the cold air intake for all-around better performance


BMW has every right to brag about its cars’ safety standards. First of all, the solid steel construction of the vehicles’ bodies immediately makes them some of the best cars around. Even the bumpers can take quite a hit.

Additionally, BMW puts careful thought into its airbag systems. The systems are intelligent enough to know whether or not a person is occupying a seat. During an accident, a BMW doesn’t waste time with an airbag for an empty passenger seat. Instead, it focuses on the driver.


For many, affordability is one of the top reasons why you should buy a BMW. If luxury is your desire, but your bank account can’t accommodate this in most cases, you may find that BMW has something for you. BMWs are rare luxury vehicles that you can find in many classes at several price points. Even if it doesn’t have all the latest features, any BMW is a thrill to drive. Moreover, BMW designs every automobile with the same high performance and safety standards at every class and price.

Thanks to their quality design and build, you’ll see many older BMWs on the road today. This also gives those who can’t afford a new one the opportunity to get a BMW. With a few repairs, they can have a classic luxury car at a fair price.


BMW is known for its superior innovation in every aspect of its automobiles. Take a look at this impressive list of BMW innovations:

  • The company was the first in the automotive industry to show concern for the environment. BMW appointed an environmental officer back in 1973, well before others jumped on board.
  • BMW produced the first sedan to use a diesel engine. It showed the world that driving pleasure and fuel efficiency could indeed go hand in hand.
  • In 1991, the company presented its first electric car, built from the ground up.

And we haven’t even scratched the surface of what BMW has done for the aircraft and motorcycle industry. It’s impressive, to say the least.

A Good Time

Is there a better way to say this? BMWs are just plain fun, and fun is reason enough to own one. Not only is the performance enough to make you wonder why on earth you didn’t buy one sooner, but the turning of heads as you drive by is also quite enjoyable in itself. Speed, comfort, and luxury make the BMW one of the most enjoyable cars out there.


Modifying a luxury car seems odd to some drivers. After all, it’s already luxurious, right? It’s true that every BMW comes off the factory lines as pure perfection. But even a BMW is fun to improve. Modifications can boost performance by targeting details like aerodynamics. It’s also possible to alter the appearance of a luxury car, making it feel sportier. Take a look at some modifications for the BMW below:

  • Side skirts: These reduce the high air pressure under the car, increasing the downward wind force for more grip and better aerodynamics.
  • Rear diffuser: A rear diffuser enhances airflow for improved aerodynamics.
  • Carbon fiber hood: This hood is lightweight, helping a vehicle attain higher speeds. It also looks aesthetically sharp.
  • Spoiler: A spoiler reduces drag by redirecting airflow away from the car’s underbelly and toward the top for greater downforce.
  • Full auto body kit: This kit includes several modifications for a completely new look and improved aerodynamics. Full body kits also come in wide-body variations, which give BMWs sleek looks. These types are perfect for wider tires and aid in preventing rollover.

Has our list of compelling reasons why you should buy a BMW convinced you? If not, test driving one will. As we mentioned, a modified BMW is even more impressive. At DarwinPro Aerodynamics, we offer BMW body kits for sale, as well as spoilers, side skirts, and many other modifications. Shop at our online store or reach out to us. Our luxury car-loving specialists will happily discuss all things related to cars, including luxury auto body kits. Here’s to German ingenuity and our beloved BMW. Happy shopping!

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy a BMW

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