Here’s How a Wide Body Kit Can Benefit Your Porsche

Here’s How a Wide Body Kit Can Benefit Your Porsche

Body kits have long impressed car enthusiasts and those of us who watch the sporty results drive by. Did you know there’s something even sleeker and sportier than a regular body kit? The wide body kit is the ultimate in sporty looks and impressive performance. In this article, we’ll look at how a wide body kit can benefit your Porsche. You’ve got the Porsche; now take it to the next level.

Sleek and Powerful

If sleekness and power don’t turn you on, then move along. For the rest of us, we love a sports car with a powerful look and a sleek design. That’s what the wide body kit offers. Here’s what a wide body kit includes:

  • Side skirts
  • Fender flares
  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper

Together, all these pieces create a wider look for your Porsche. The increase in width allows for wider tires and the kit gives the illusion that the sports car is sitting lower to the ground. The wide body kit creates a Porsche that looks like it just rolled off the Nurburging track. And if that’s not enough, these kits improve performance as well.

Improved Performance

Body kits increase aerodynamics, and the wide body kit is no different. Wider tires, which only work well with the wide body kit, increase speed and give your Porsche a better grip on the road. Tight curves are hugged and taken with ease.

Performance is also improved as the aerodynamics are taken to a new level with a wide body kit. The parts of a wide body kit allow control of the airflow around your Porsche. Rather than air getting trapped under the car as it normally would, it’s redirected to the top of the car, creating a downforce. That increased downforce means better handling and greater acceleration.

Added Protection

You’ve invested in a Porsche; why not protect it? Body kits are an armor suit on your car. Imagine all the rocks and other debris you can’t control from hitting your beautiful sports car as you speed along, enjoying the scenery? With a wide body kit, the majority of your car is protected by the kit. Once removed, the paint underneath still looks like new.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how a wide body kit can benefit your Porsche. Whether you’re a dreamer or an owner, the wide body kit is worth considering.

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