How To Improve Your Audi’s Speed and Performance

How To Improve Your Audi’s Speed and Performance

As you drive your car from location to location, you can't help but feel like you own the road. The wind is blowing through your hair, the scent of freshly cut grass, or even the sound of your radio blaring happily alongside you. It's a beautiful sensation and makes you feel free.

But, as you’ve been driving your Audi for some time now, you want to improve upon its build. You yearn to make it go faster and use more power throughout. So, where do you begin when it comes to making modifications to your car? Here is how to improve your Audi’s speed and performance so you're ready for your next trip.

Spark Plugs

One of the most accessible alterations you can make to your Aldi is checking out your spark plugs. Spark plugs can often remain overlooked and forgotten about when it comes to maintenance. In reality, they make a more significant impact on your car’s performance than you'd think. It’s always beneficial to know when they need replacement and when they have some life left.

If your spark plugs are misfiring, it can cause a reduction in your Audi performance. As a result, it can mean inconsistent air-fuel intake. So, be sure to get them checked regularly, as air and fuel are the essential ingredients to make your car move.

Performance Exhaust System

Exhaust systems themselves are fantastic. They focus on airflow, which helps assist in more power. With the incorporation of an exhaust system, they create a consistent and uninterrupted airflow throughout the engine. As a result, the engine produces high performance from the get-go.

Airflow often is the main focus of optimization in your luxury engine. Many factories that design exhaust systems use a “crush-bend” design, which slows exhaust gas flow. The smoother walls of the performance systems mean a faster flow of gases. You can also search for aftermarket systems on local car sites.


If you want to really get your Audi up to another level, consider supercharging it. Supercharging can significantly benefit you when you know how to improve your Audi’s speed and performance for modifications. Superchargers achieve high outputs with lag. In comparison to a turbocharger, a supercharger is driven by the engine’s crankshaft, meaning having access to immediate power.

You can twin-charge, which involves both a turbocharger and a supercharger. With the powerhouse of a team, it combines a turbocharger’s efficiency with a supercharger’s immediate power access delivery. So, consider looking into both and see what your Audi can handle.

Performance Air Intake

It’s also beneficial to check your air intake as well. The air intake in your Audi is responsible for providing oxygen to the car fuel. The combination of the air intake and fuel helps convert all of it into energy and power, propelling your vehicle. So, air intakes can make or break your power.

If you consider obtaining an aftermarket air intake, it can also add some benefits. While they are less focused on more minor aspects like noise reduction and costs, their design is to help increase airflow. More airflow means more horsepower available, which translates to more power and gas efficiency.

Enhanced Fuel System

When an engine has optimal performance abilities, fuel plays an important role. The power generated from the energy is also dependent on the level of fuel in your gas tank. By getting more gas into each of the engine cylinders, car performance increases. The best ways to contribute to better car acceleration are high-flow fuel pumps, gas lines with larger diameters, and more oversized fuel rails.

So, be on the lookout for your Audi fuel system and see what kind of benefit it can bring to your vehicle. It would help extend the longevity of your car and has the ability to help along with efficiency.

APR Tuning

Simply put, tuning your Audi APR technology means you need a mechanic to perform modifications on the Electronic Control Until (ECU). The ECU itself is the computer for your car’s engine that tracks all the information. If you plan on modifying it, it can experience an increased speed, torque, and overall better performance for your car.

The software itself within your Audi is responsible for many tasks. By modifying it, you will notice a more significant increase in performance compared to what it was previously. So, consider giving an APR tune to your Audi vehicle.

Performance Clips

With newer Audi vehicles, they come with their own computer system that works throughout the car. More specifically, it also works with power delivery throughout the car. These are performance chips incorporated into your car system that are specifically made for your make and model. Thankfully, these chips have the capability of being replaced or tweaked to achieve better performance.

By installing a more powerful chip, it can release extra power and performance without the risk of compromising your vehicle. So, take great care when considering this option. Be sure to speak to an expert, so there’s no confusion.

Weight Reduction Modifications

One of the last options in making alterations to your Audi’s performance is by reducing the amount of weight in your vehicle. By reducing the weight of your Audi car, you can achieve a boost in performance. This boost goes hand-in-hand with body modifications, making a profound impact on its performance, power, and even speed.

It’s the execution of removing unnecessary parts, pieces, and whatever else the body modifier can find. They can include lightweight materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber. Even wheels and tires are impacted by weight reduction, increasing a huge performance impact and speed increase. So, consider giving bodywork a try for your vehicle if you really want that extra speed.

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How To Improve Your Audi’s Speed and Performance

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