How To Keep Your Car Exterior in Great Shape

How To Keep Your Car Exterior in Great Shape

The cars we drive require a lot of maintenance in the face of bad weather conditions and road hazards that may damage the frame. We want our vehicles to look as good as they drive so we may attract compliments and praise for their luxurious upkeep. There are multiple methods to keep your car looking great on the outside and keep people interested in how it drives.

The Important Parts of the Exterior

Every vehicle has multiple parts that make up the interior and exterior. The exterior acts as the "shell" of the car and have large and small pieces of metal that create a structural design around the vehicle. Each of these pieces needs maintenance and other upkeep to ensure they are well-maintained.

The Chassis

The vehicle's chassis is the car's skeleton, and every piece of the vehicle's outward appearance is attached to this frame. The chassis determines how the car will look and drive depending on the gears, engine, and other parts that will attach. If the chassis is damaged, then the damage may spread to other parts of your car and harm the exterior.

The Wheels

Every vehicle has wheels as an essential part that allows it to move across surfaces, and these parts must have the proper performance to maintain functionality. A poor wheel could spell disaster on the road, and it takes a more frequent maintenance schedule to ensure that you won't crash and the wheel doesn't fail. A poor-looking wheel is a tale-tell sign of your not performing well, so keeping the wheels in good shape will help you and your vehicle.

The Bumpers

There are bumpers on the front and back of the vehicle that will dampen the impact of a collision. If you rear-end a car or have someone rear-end you, you will find that the bumpers have absorbed the brunt of the effects and that the rest of your vehicle is safe. A good pumper is imperative to the safety of your car and yourself, so your bumpers need to be in good condition and ready for any crashes.

The Doors

You will notice some wear and tear on the doors and how they may start to have scratches or dents from mishaps over time. Your car doors are part of what keeps you safe and secure while riding in a vehicle, and you need quality integrity to protect passengers. The upkeep of the doors will also make the car look great with smooth surfaces and let people know that you make it a priority to take care of your car.

Methods To Maintain the Exterior of the Car

The vehicle's exterior requires a lot of maintenance, just like the interior, but to keep the car in great shape, you will need to use different methods to help it look flawless. Cleaning up dirt, removing scratches, and just keeping the metal strong are important aspects of vehicle maintenance.


The particles in the air, the dust in your garage, and the water from a rainy day will eventually build up and leave a layer of dirt and grime on your vehicle. Frequent washing will ensure that your car maintains a nice appearance on its exterior. Most of the time, soap and water are effective tools in getting rid of dirt and smudges along the vehicle's exterior, but you may need something stronger to remove tougher stains such as bird feces.

Different cleaners designed for vehicle exteriors won't damage the paint job or corrode the metal. Look for these cleaners at local auto stores or get recommendations from your mechanic.


Coating the car with wax will give it a nice shine, making it look new and freshly cleaned. Car wax helps preserve the clear coat of acrylic paint you apply to cars. A frequent wax coating will keep your vehicle's appearance of fresh paint.

Using car polish with wax is best, as it provides two layers of protection; the polish will settle into any scratches, making them less obvious, and the wax will make the paint look new.

Add a Body Kit

There have been numerous advancements in how we improve our vehicles in our current technological age—one of the most notable improvements is using body kits. Adding a body kit will help your vehicle and its exterior look great and add multiple benefits to its performance on the road.

Most luxury cars will benefit from the makeover that body kits bring. A simple Audi straight from the sales floor will look better with an Audi body kit attached to improve the style and structure.

Annual Detailing

Detailing a car involves hours of different services, such as the ones listed above and claying and tire treatment. Your car will build up contaminants over time and need a thorough cleaning if it is unattended. Getting your car detailed every year will keep it maintained and prevent any performance issues from contaminants.

The detailing will depend on your vehicle's cleaning needs, and there are certain requests that the mechanics will perform. Steam-cleaning, putting on a new coat of paint, or adding body kits are available services at places where you can get your car detailed.

Properly Storing It During the Winter

The winter months are harsh on people and machines, and our vehicles are susceptible to the cold. Therefore, it’s important to practice proper car storage procedures when storing a vehicle until the winter or if you plan on using it throughout the cold season. The frigid temperatures will damage your car's interior by potentially freezing the engine and other metal parts.

The exterior will suffer from damaged paint that will crack and chip from the lower temperatures. Frost may develop along the car, which may lead to corrosion when it begins to melt. Placing a tarp or covering over the vehicle will keep it insulated and prevent any excess cold from entering or coating the exterior. The covering material will also help absorb moisture when the weather becomes warmer.

A lot of work goes into keeping your car's exterior in good shape. But these methods will help your car look great and give you less trouble keeping it that way.

How To Keep Your Car Exterior in Great Shape

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