Lamborghini Built an Off-Road Super Car & It’s Wild

Lamborghini Built an Off-Road Super Car & It’s Wild

Some know the fast-paced, thrilling feeling of driving a Lamborghini on an open road, but now drivers can experience the same feeling while cruising off the beaten path. The Huracan Sterrato is a new beast taking the stage in Lamborghini’s catalog, exciting many off-roaders. Continue reading for more information on this wild, off-road supercar that Lamborghini built.

How Is It Built for Off-Roading?

The Huracan Sterrato has larger wheels than most Lamborghini models and will easily handle uneven terrain on paths that split from concrete roads. The larger fenders prepare it for these excursions. The tires’ widths help it gain traction on various turf, so you won’t need to worry about losing speed.


Although the performance of the Huracan Sterrato isn’t as efficient as the Huracan, it will still be a powerhouse on rocky landscapes. This supercar has a V10 engine and an estimated horsepower of 620. The acceleration from 0-60 is around 3.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 mph.

It’s important to note that this variant of the Lamborghini Huracan will not match the original model’s specs. Instead, it will be an off-roading supercar built for terrain other Lamborghinis can’t handle. In terms of power, this car will easily handle multiple off-road situations, and with its other features, there won’t be many obstacles in its way.


The appearance of the Huracan Sterrato is similar to most Huracan models, the roofs of which have a subtle rise and slope, creating a smooth appearance overall. But the size of the wheels and the intake on the back set it apart from its predecessors.

The vehicle’s height creates an interesting aesthetic that teeters between luxurious and adventurous. The air intake in the back keeps the engine clean as it would otherwise consume too much dirt and dust while off-roading. The high beams make this a great vehicle for driving as the sun sets and well into the night as you return to the main road.

The front and rear bumper have a reinforced material that protects the car from high-clearance rocks and bumps as you drive. Adding a Lamborghini body kit will improve these features with greater aerodynamics and an extra layer of protection.

The Huracan Sterrato is a great addition to the Lamborghini brand, and many will enjoy it when it enters the market in 2023. This is the last Huracan variant, and only 900 models will be available, so keep your eyes open for its release date! You just might get the chance to own this amazing off-roading supercar built by Lamborghini.

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