Reasons Your Nissan GT-R Needs a Wide Body Kit This Fall

Reasons Your Nissan GT-R Needs a Wide Body Kit This Fall

A muscle car doesn’t earn the title of Godzilla out of nowhere. Those who love the Nissan GT-R understand it got its nickname because of its incredible power, performance, and unrivaled grip on the road. The Nissan GT-R is both luxurious and at the same time a gritty, no-nonsense sports car. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why your Nissan GT-R needs a wide body kit this fall. Create a GT-R that makes others wonder how it’s even legal.

Seductive Appearance

The Nissan GT-R’s wide body kit takes the look of the GT-R from sporty to seductively sporty. One can’t help but stare when it flies by. As you know, the GT-R is already designed with looks in mind. The body is nothing short of a racecar style and looks like it just drove off the Nurburgring track.

In fact, it’s no stranger to racetracks and continually outperforms other luxury sports cars. Setting that aside and focusing on appearance, add the wide body kit and imagine the results. If you don’t like attention, the addition of a wide body kit isn’t for you.

Impeccable Performance

On each Nissan GT-R engine, you’ll find a small plaque with the signature of the master craftsman who assembled the engine. Every GT-R is treated like royalty and their engines are designed with the highest quality parts and craftsmanship.

Although these V6, 3.8-L engines already produce 565 hp and 467 lb-ft of torque, a wide body kit can increase performance as parts like side skirts redirect airflow for greater downforce and sleek aerodynamics. It’s one of the top reasons your Nissan GT-R needs a wide body kit this fall.

Racecar Worthy

Wide body kits seriously make the Nissan GT-R look like it’s not street legal, so have fun making everyone question whether it is. If you watch racing, you know racecars use wide body kits to give the cars that low to the ground effect and a wide look that says, “Get out of my way.” If you desire to feel like Mario Andretti on your way to the grocery store, we say go for it.

What Comes in the Wide Body Kit?

Before deciding on a wide body kit, you need to know what it is. Here’s what comes in a high-quality Nissan GT-R wide body kit:

  • One partial carbon fiber front bumper
  • One pair of fiber reinforce polymer front bumper wide body caps
  • One pair of Partial carbon fiber side skirts
  • One Partial carbon fiber rear bumper
  • One pair of fiber reinforce polymer rear bumper wide body caps
  • One pair of fiber reinforce polymer wide front fender
  • One pair of fiber reinforce polymer wide rear fender flare
  • One carbon fiber hood
  • One set of fiber reinforce polymer wheel well guard

Carbon fiber is known for its lightweight, which is essential when adding a body kit to a car. The last thing you want to do is weigh it down.

Increase Safety on the Road

So far, we’ve discussed the important things wide body kits provide the Nissan GT-R: performance and style. Now let’s look at why moms prefer the wide body kit (just kidding…but not really). We’re talking safety.

It’s true—most sports car enthusiasts aren’t considering a body kit for added safety. They’re more interested in a hot car that can go from 0 to 60 in record time. We get that, and we feel the same way. However, the reality and a sweet bonus is that body kits give a layer of protection to your investment, the Nissan GT-R, as well as some added safety for you, the driver.

Wider Tires

A staple of the Nissan GT-R is wide tires. As mentioned, this car is nothing short of racecar worthy, wide tires included. Not only do they look cool, but wider tires also give any car a better grip while traveling down the highway. Yes, they also help us reach top speeds in record time, however, while doing so, it’s easier to keep your muscle car on the road as you take those tight curves with enthusiasm.

Fender Flares

You may be asking what wider tires have to do with a wide body kit. Fair enough. It’s not the tires that come with the body kit, but the fender flares. Using fender flares, you can go with an even wider tire than average. Fender flares add impeccable style. They’re designed to fit over wider tires, which makes the tire less noticeable while adding an even broader look to your Nissan GT-R. Think of a fender flare as extending the width of the rest of the car’s body.

Added Protection

The one downside to wide tires is that there’s more tire to kick stuff up off the road. Rocks, sticks, and other debris can cause damage to your car when they, out of nowhere, hit the side, chipping paint, or shattering a window or windshield. Fender flares keep that possibility low. The flares catch the flying objects before the rest of the car does. Window well guards help out in this area as well, preventing rust and damage from road debris, and extending the longevity of your vehicle. Since body kits are removable, you’re protecting your Nissan GT-R with these added layers.

Many states require fender flares because of what we mentioned above (flying debris), so if you choose wider tires on any car, find out if fender flares are a must.

The Nissan GT-R Is an Investment

You’ve spent the money, so you already know that the GT-R is an investment. While owning this highly sought-after luxury sports car, the investment pays off in performance and style. Simply put, the Nissan GT-R is seriously fast. On top of that, it’s also stunning to look at.

Surely, you don’t want to think about ever letting such a fine machine go, but the reality is that sometimes it’s just time. When that time comes, you won’t have a problem finding a buyer to take Godzilla off your hands. They hold their value well and with such a high sticker price, enthusiasts seek used versions for a better deal.

If you’re passionate about sports cars in general or are the owner of a Nissan GT-R, consider a wide body kit for intense style and unmatched performance.

At DarwinPro Aerodynamics, we carry high-quality Nissan GT-R body kits. We’re passionate about luxury sports cars and insist on only the best. Contact us or browse our online store for more information.

Reasons Your Nissan GT-R Needs a Wide Body Kit This Fall

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