Should You Paint a Body Kit Before or After Installing?

Should You Paint a Body Kit Before or After Installing?

Auto body kits take supercars to another level, making them an even sexier, sportier machine. You shouldn’t choose one too quickly, as there is plenty to consider. Ahead, we’ll discuss how to choose one and whether or not you should paint a body kit before or after installing.

Choose the Best Material

Auto body kits usually feature a few common materials. Each one has its pros and cons and will affect the painting and installing process.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

FRP is the most popular choice due to its low cost and ease of modification. However, FRP requires quite a bit of prep work before painting and damages easily upon impact. Still, its low weight makes FRP easy to use.


Polyurethane body kits are also popular. They’re a little more expensive than FRP, but much more flexible thanks to their rubberlike quality. Polyurethane bends instead of cracking, but it’s heavier than FRP, making supports necessary when working with it.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the most expensive material, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. There’s no comparison when it comes to painting an auto body kit, because carbon fiber kits need no painting. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The whole point of carbon fiber is to see the carbon fiber weave. That’s what makes it unique. These kits come with a protective clear coat.

Fit the Kit First

Body kits rarely arrive perfect and ready to install. It needs to be fitted with the car even though it’s ordered with measurements.

So, should you paint a body kit before or after installing it? The answer is this: fit the kit and make adjustments first, then paint before installing.

As you match pieces and make adjustments where necessary, you may cause scratches and dings. It simply makes sense to get that part done, cleaned up, and prepped before painting.

Time to Paint

After fitting, you can easily paint before installing. Doing this allows you to hit every nook and cranny with paint. Once attached, that becomes difficult.

You may need to paint areas of the car, too. This depends on how well the car color blends with the kit.


After these steps are complete, you can install the auto body kit. Hire a professional for the paint and installation for perfect results. After all, it’s your car, and you want it to look unique, sleek, and sharp.

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