The 5 Highest-Horsepower Cars in the World

The 5 Highest-Horsepower Cars in the World

Vehicles of the modern world have advanced to using powerful engines whose strength is measured in horsepower. The more horsepower an engine has, the faster the vehicle will go and the better it will perform. These are the top five cars globally with the most horsepower.

What Is Horsepower?

Horsepower is the measurement of power in engines for most 21st-century cars. A formula that calculates how much effort a vehicle needs to move 330,000 pounds over one foot of distance in one minute determines an engine’s horsepower. So if you have a Nissan GTR with a Nissan GTR body kit, the added weight could affect the horsepower.

The Highest-Horsepower Cars in the World

Aspark Owl

The production-line vehicle with the fastest acceleration to date, the Aspark Owl, is in a class of its own, with 1,985 horsepower. This sleek car is currently the highest-horsepower car in the world, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds, and the all-wheel drive makes the car move at the most efficient speed possible.

The engine layout consists of four electric motors. Each motor has an output of about 370 kW, which is an impressive amount of energy, but when combined, the motors create the immense horsepower that gives this vehicle its reputation.

The Owl is the only vehicle this automotive engineering company has produced. Given this, the Owl is an impressive feat.

Lotus Evija

Coming in as a close second to the Aspark Owl is the Lotis Ejiva. This elegant car, in production with the Lotus Cars company, has an engine with 1,970 horsepower, making it an incredibly high-speed vehicle. The vehicle’s top speed of 200 miles per hour is achievable within 10 seconds, and it can also reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds.

Like the Aspark Owl, this car has four electric motors that produce high horsepower. Located above each wheel, each motor gives about 368 kW of power. The 70kWh battery sustains multiple functions, allowing this vehicle to move at a fast, consistent speed.

Previous Models

Lotus Cars has over 130 different models, each faster than the last and with a little more added style. Most of its cars, especially those from the 21st century—such as the Lotus 3-Eleven and the upcoming Lotus Eletre—have high-speed transmissions or electric motors that improve speed and performance. These models will continue to grow in engine enhancements and fashion.

Rimac Nevera

Another of the highest-horsepower cars in the world, this electric sports car is the current production of the automotive brand Rimac Automobili, reaching top speeds of 256 miles per hour from an engine with 1,914 horsepower. Its wheel drive allows for more focused power as a person drives, and its engine uses four permanent magnetic electric motors with an output of 358 kW apiece. The constant magnetic field the rotors of the motors create maintains a continuous flow of power. The single-speed gearbox allows this electric car to perform like a vehicle with a combustion engine, allowing for a fluid amount of energy with minor shifting required.

Previous Models

Many of the automobiles that Rimac Automobili manufactures and produces are battery operated. This brand has made battery systems for some of Aston Martin and Koenigsegg’s top vehicles.

Before the Nevera, the Concept One and Concept S had great acceleration using electric motors. Both of these models were the foundation that led to the construction of the Nevera. The Nevera initially had the name Concept Two due to its similarities to the Concept One.

Hennessey Venom F5

When the company Hennessey Special Vehicles manufactured this car, it had the idea of a car that would exceed the greatest recorded speeds on the road. The Venom F5’s engine has 1,817 horsepower and a potential top speed of 300 miles per hour; the car can reach over half that speed in 10 seconds.

The F5 engine breaks the trend of engines powered by electric motors and instead uses a twin-turbo V8 engine. A seven-speed clutch transmission lets drivers handle the immense top speeds. The vehicle also uses an iron block engine instead of the standard aluminum since the high speeds place more pressure on the engine, which only iron can endure.

Previous Models

Before the Venom F5 came the Venom GT, which also had a twin-turbo V8 engine with 1,244 horsepower. Other past models, such as the Venom 650R, have given the brand notoriety for manufacturing fast road-legal cars, which is its main goal.

SSC Tuatara

Lastly, in the fifth-place slot is the Tuatara by SSC North America. This vehicle shares a particular attribute with the Venom F5: a top speed of 300 miles per hour. The engine’s horsepower is around 1,750 if the driver uses E85 fuel and 1,350 if they don’t. This vehicle has held the world record for top speed since October 10, 2020. The car has a one-way speed of 331 miles per hour and a two-way speed of 316 miles per hour.

The Tuatara has a twin-turbo engine that produces 1,000 to 1,300 kW of power, depending on the fuel grade. This car comes with a seven-speed transmission to shift between more intense accelerations and to handle the higher speeds.

Previous Models

The prototype of the SSC Aero Ultimate had a supercharged V8 engine that allowed it to drive with 908 horsepower and, in theory, with a top speed of 242 miles per hour. After further experimenting with the prototype, SSC eventually replaced the supercharged engine with the twin-turbo engine that all its current models share. The new engine increased the horsepower to 1,287 and eventually led the Aero Ultimate to become the 2013 Guinness World Records title of fastest production vehicle.

Another upgraded version of the Aero Ultimate is the Aero Ultimate XT, which includes heightened fuel usage, a braking system, and up to 1,300 horsepower. After this model, SSC produced the Tuatara, which performed better than both past models.

The horsepower of these cars is a true spectacle and allows them to perform with speeds and power that most people can’t fathom for their vehicles. These cars will only improve in performance with future models, so remain on the lookout for the vehicles with the highest horsepower.

The 5 Highest-Horsepower Cars in the World

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