The Top 10 Countries with the Most Supercars

The Top 10 Countries with the Most Supercars

Many of us have seen elite vehicles and look in awe at their fantastic performance. Many of these vehicles are purchased, shipped, and sold worldwide, with specific countries having a large abundance of them. Ten countries, in particular, have the most supercars available for purchase. We lay them out for you here.


With its many prominent car brands that produce excellent vehicles, it’s no surprise that the United Kingdom is in the top ten countries with the most supercars. Luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar are known worldwide and enjoyed by many people in the UK. There are an estimated 15,000 supercars in the country, with a fifth of them owned by Londoners. Italian vehicles are also popular in the UK, with brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini ranking above the rest. As the UK and Italy continue to create better versions of current models, the number of supercars will continue to increase as more people purchase them.


Many supercars owned and operated in the large country of Australia are primarily used for their annual grand touring events. Grand touring is popular in Australia, with the first Grand Prix occurring in 1928. Most of these vehicles are manufactured by different car brands worldwide, though Australia does manufacture its own lines of sports cars. As these Supercar Championships continue, more supercars will increase the supercar population in the country.


As one of the most remarkably wealthy countries in the world, many Norwegians have the means to buy luxury vehicles. Since the average citizen makes over half of $100,000 a year, it’s common for the people of this country to buy high-performance vehicles to suit their status and lifestyle. The wealth of Norway will only increase due to its natural resources and strong labor force, which will allow future generations to purchase more supercars.


Switzerland is also one of the "richest countries in the world," with a generally wealthy population, which is reflected in the supercars they drive. Volkswagon is one of the most common vehicle brands owned country-wide, and these supercars are known for their excellent mechanics and reliability. Since Germany isn’t far from Switzerland, and many people speak the language, it’s not surprising that luxury vehicles such as Volkswagen and Mercedes are so popular.


As previously mentioned, there are multiple supercar manufacturers in Germany, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. Germany is the original birthplace of the automobile and has become one of the leading countries in automotive innovation since the mid-1800s. As the country of numerous car brands many people purchase and enjoy worldwide, Germany has become one of the top ten countries with the most supercars. It will most likely continue this trend with newer and better models.


Supercars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati are famous worldwide and have built a good reputation for their country of origin: Italy. Supercars are common in Italy because many originate from here, and many people buy them. The quality of these vehicles in their design and ability reflects the importance of style and art in Italy. The supercar brands in Italy have refined their work and continue mass production to satisfy the people of the world and their country who wish to have their luxurious cars.


Many corners of the US have a higher concentration of supercars, but combined puts this country in the top ten list for having the most supercars. States such as California, Nevada, Florida, and Texas are known for having numerous supercars due to their larger populations and higher numbers of luxury car dealerships. Many major brands, such as Toyota, Ford, and Tesla, originate from the USA.

Many of these vehicles also have body kits that can supe them up, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if you see a Tesla Model 3 with a Tesla body kit. Many people in the U.S. enjoy having luxury items, especially exotic vehicles, and numerous companies import them and their parts for those who purchase them. Given the size of the population in America, many people buy luxury vehicles, especially in major cities such as Los Angeles and Miami.


Denmark is known for being one of the best places to live, as depicted by its lifestyle. Denmark has a great reputation for public service and ensuring its citizens have a good quality of life, which allows them to purchase supercars. Many vehicles in Denmark are within the upper hierarchy, and most motorists drive luxury vehicles such as sports cars and supercars. Part of the reason so many people in Denmark enjoy their lives is due to their affordable standards of living, and as the purchase of elite cars continues, more supercars will remain in the country.


Over a quarter of the population of Monaco are millionaires, which is why there are so many supercars in the country. Monaco has a wonderful climate and is a great location for a vacation home, and many millionaires understand this fact and find it to be a great place to live. The country’s tax system is also an excellent trait, with no personal income tax, making it easy to accrue wealth. Monaco has built many structures and businesses in favor of tourism to attract more wealthy visitors, and with these visitors come more supercars to drive around.


Another one of the world’s richest countries and home to the largest population of millionaires, Luxembourg tops the charts for having the most supercars in the world. When you have as much wealth as the residents of this country, driving in style with great-performing cars is important. Maintenance is also important for a supercar, and finding replacement parts is neither cheap nor affordable. But the people of Luxembourg have the means of maintaining these luxury vehicles and acquiring the parts needed to keep them going.

Supercars are well-known worldwide as a symbol of someone’s status and a means of excellent transportation. These top ten countries have quality reputations for the lifestyle people live and the supercars they drive. When you visit these places, look around and notice the luxurious vehicles driving down the roads, and if you have the chance, take one for a spin.

The Top 10 Countries with the Most Supercars

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