These Are Some of the 5 Best BMW Roadsters Ever

These Are Some of the 5 Best BMW Roadsters Ever

Numerous luxury vehicles, such as the roadster, have a particular design that many people enjoy or want to drive. The roadster is a popular vehicle that many people know to be luxurious, especially the ones made by BMW. BMW roadsters have an elite appearance while drawing the attention of others because of their performance, and they make great vehicles to own.

What Is a Roadster?

A roadster is a vehicle with only two seats and comes as a convertible. These vehicles are considered sports cars due to their luxurious appearance and reliable performance.

Since only two seats are available, many people will enjoy driving these for sport and frivolity compared to functionality. Roadsters will normally have better tires to handle their aerodynamics and fast speeds. Given the convertible design, there is a larger chance of seeing these vehicles on a sunny summer day.

What Makes BMW Roadsters Special?

The BMW brand produces wonderful vehicles with top-tier German engineering. The vehicles produced under BMW have a knack for fast speeds and the control to go with that speed.

BMW roadsters look and drive with amazing performance and have an extravagant style to their design that makes them look like classic convertibles. Roadsters by BMW are reliable, and some of the best vehicles of this style will become a favorite thanks to the multifaceted appeal that they provide drivers and passersby.


This roadster's production ran from 1995 to 2002, making it an older roadster model compared to others. The vehicle has a petrol engine that holds about 1.8 L and a slightly more compact frame, allowing for better turns and faster speeds. During its last years of production, the Z3 received an optional inline-six (I6) engine for a smoother ride, and that’s typically the stock engine that these vehicles come with.

Why Is It the Best?

The Z3 model has an iconic look you would expect of a convertible, with its top down and large wheels. The Z3 is an older model but still feels great to drive, thanks to its 228 horsepower. Given its production age, this vehicle comes in an automatic or manual transmission so that you can choose seamless driving or controlled movement.

BMW i8 Roadster

With a luxury design and great technology, the i8 Roadster has the appearance and performance of one of the best BMW roadsters ever. This roadster is a variant of the BMW i8, which had similar performance and elite features but was discontinued to transition into an electric model. The i8 roadster accelerates 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, allowing for a smoother transition into the 155-mph top speed.

Why Is It the Best?

The i8 Roadster is an extremely stylish car with butterfly doors and a design built for great aerodynamics. The carbon fiber frame gives it durability and lighter weight for a faster speed. The carbon fiber also gives it a grand appearance for its structure; many will picture themselves cruising down the road with the top down. The interior matches the outer appearance with cushioned seats, great ergonomics, and a stylish design that goes well with the colors of the exterior. If you wanted to, you could enhance its abilities and appearance further by finding a BMW body kit for sale that will further improve performance.

BMW 507

If you are in the market for a BMW with an old-fashioned and elegant appearance, then the 507 model is right for you. The BMW 507 has an older look with larger wheels and a thinner body.

These older vehicles will normally have great handling as they focus less on speed and more on reliability, appearance, and control on the road to ensure safety. The production of this model began and ended in the 1950s, but it has continued to catch many people's eyes because of its timeless appearance and performance.

Why Is It the Best?

Many people enjoy classics, and vehicles such as the 507 support this idea. Even during its production, the 507 had excellent performance with a top speed of 122 mph and 150 horsepower, which is considered high compared to the other luxury vehicles of the time. Good-looking classics such as this aren’t always easy to come by, especially since the production time was comparatively short, making this one of the best BMW roadsters due to its rarity.

Collecting elite cars is a hobby that people have taken up, and classics such as this vehicle make great additions to someone's collection. While the parts for this vehicle may not be as easy to find as current models, this car is still great to drive around now and then for a wonderful drive on a peaceful day.


This vehicle has a slightly bulkier look compared to its predecessor, but it still has quality handling and better performance. The Z4 has around 330 horsepower and will accelerate from 0-60 between 5 to 6 seconds. This model still has the I6 engine for smoother transitions from slower to faster speeds.

Why Is It the Best?

The increased horsepower and acceleration make this vehicle a powerhouse in the BMW Z-series. The Z4 has a classic luxury vehicle look in many vehicles today. Its accentuated features around the body make it equipped to handle more aerodynamics than the previous model. The interior looks and feels great with comfortable seating, and it's enjoyable to drive this vehicle for long periods, given the engine's power.


This model came before the Z4, but its production ended after the end of the Z3's production. The Z8 is a great model in the Z-series, boasting an excellent V8 engine and a nice look fit for cars of the 2000s era. This two-seater is compact, much like the Z3, and has similar performance, but the powerful engine and slightly-longer body allow for improved aerodynamics.

Why Is It the Best?

If you need a BMW roadster that isn't too flashy and still offers excellent performance, the Z8 is a wonderful choice. The Z8 has a six-speed manual transmission and will function well on the road while creating a controlled setting. The simple appearance offers a clean look and isn't too flashy, which works well for those who don't wish to flaunt their extravagant lifestyle.

Roadsters are luxurious cars that will feel great driving. The BMW roadsters will offer you performance, appearance, and speed, so your time driving one will always be a memorable experience.

These Are Some of the 5 Best BMW Roadsters Ever

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