Tips for Bringing Your Car Out of Winter Storage

Tips for Bringing Your Car Out of Winter Storage

Taking our luxury vehicles out of storage is a great deal of work. The snow, ice, and salt mixture mark the tires, while the cold may have damaged the engine. But there are some simple methods to ensure your elite vehicle stays in good condition.

Bring a Friend for a Jump

Since the battery has been in the cold for multiple months, the car will likely need a jump start. Bring along a friend to give your vehicle a jump. If the vehicle doesn't start after multiple attempts at jump-starting the battery, there may be a problem involving the oil or other fluids.

Check Oil and Other Fluid Levels

The fluids such as oil, gasoline, or transmission fluid are the lifeblood of any vehicle. These fluids perform different tasks within the car, and when they are low, the car's performance will suffer. When bringing your car out of winter storage, check all fluid levels and ensure they are satisfactory before starting your vehicle.

Oil during the winter will thicken due to the extremely low temperatures. Thick oil is harder to pump through the engine. You may want to consider changing the oil if you take your car out of storage briefly after the weather begins warming up.

Look for Leaks

The cold doesn't freeze the fluids in the car, but it will freeze the pipes that transfer the liquid. The frozen pipes have a better chance of cracking or breaking, which will lead to leakage within the vehicle.

A luxury vehicle such as a Mercedez equipped with a Mercedez Benz body kit will cost a lot of money if damaged by the cold. Thoroughly check the pipes leading from the engine and out of the car; a leaking vehicle will lead to worse problems on the road.

Check Under the Hood

Given its extended dormancy before bringing your car out of winter storage, there is a chance that small animals made their way inside. Rodents or even birds will build nests within areas such as the hood and cause damage to the electrical wiring. Make sure you check under the hood for any unwanted visitors.

Grease the Cylinders

The car's cylinders ignite the gasoline and create fuel. The cold months will stiffen the pistons inside the cylinders and restrict the air pumping necessary to generate a spark. Lubricating these cylinders inside and out will make starting the vehicle less troublesome and help your car transition to the road.

Taking your car out of storage and back to the roads will take time and patience. But using these precautions and measures will help you and your vehicle in the long run.

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