Top Chevrolet Corvette Body Kits of 2022

Top Chevrolet Corvette Body Kits of 2022

One of the most notable cars in high society, the Corvette has prided itself on appearance and performance. The current models with a mid-engine and a plastic-like body give this car a reputation for fast driving. To improve its appearance and performance even further, the top Chevrolet Corvette body kits of 2022 will make this car a favorite.

Pandem’s Wide Body Kit

For those who want a more prominent look to their Corvette, this widebody kit offered by the Japanese company Pandem will give your car some flair. This Rocket Bunny appearance graces drivers with a sloping rear wing and arching wheel frames. The styles of yellow and white or all black make this body kit one that will catch some stares.

RSC’s Aero Kit

The Corvette body kit by RSC Tuning will be the best pick for the best drag reduction with a focus on symmetrical design. You’ll want your car to be aerodynamic for fast-paced movement and the occasional race, and this body kit will make sure you meet the finish line first.

Eikon Sports’ Body Kit With Scissor Doors

The peerless scissor doors make a car look like a work of art. As one of the top Chevrolet Corvette body kits of 2022, scissor doors make the Corvette look elite. This kit by Eikon also comes with direct bolt-on hinges and gas shocks.

AG Motorsport 5VM Aero Kit

This smooth-designed kit consists of 100 percent carbon fiber. You will find a lip and side skirts for that unique control in the wind flow. The equipment is easy to put together given its few parts and provides the Corvette with a stylish, simplistic feeling.

The Corvette has been a spectacle for decades and will continue to amaze people for decades more. The unique body kits that can make an already fantastic car even more valuable will be worth it for the sake of appearance and performance. There are multiple ways to stylize your Corvette—choose the way that makes you feel great.

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