What a Bumper Lip Does for Your Car

What a Bumper Lip Does for Your Car

Upgrading your car with the right auto body parts not only adds style to the car but can also improve the way it handles. Serious drivers seek greater aerodynamics and that is what a bumper lip does for your car.

Redirect Airflow

The best way to gain speed and greater handling of your car is to redirect the airflow.

On most cars, the air is pulled under the car, creating “lift.” This lift effect decreases control at high speeds. For example, while making a tight turn at a high speed with the airflow underneath your car, there is a greater likelihood of the car losing control or even flipping. That is where a bumper lip comes in.

The bumper lip forces the air at the front of the car upward, creating a downforce at the top and decreasing the air that flows under the car. Think of the downforce as added weight to the top of the car, actually holding it down to the ground, creating better control at greater speeds.

As an everyday driver, this is not a necessity since you are not driving on a racetrack. However, reduced fuel cost thanks to the improved aerodynamics is another benefit of what a bumper lip does for your car.


Underneath the bumper lip is the original bumper of a car. The bumper lip takes the brunt of dings and scratches which means a shiny new bumper is maintained underneath should you ever decide to remove the bumper lip.

A New Look

Aerodynamics and protection aside, a bumper lip simply looks cool. It can take any luxury or supercar and make it even more sporty and luxurious.

Bumper lips give an illusion that the car is lower to the ground. It creates a sleekness that can’t be emulated without one.

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