What To Consider Before Adding a Body Kit to Your BMW

What To Consider Before Adding a Body Kit to Your BMW

Body kits add style and improved performance to any vehicle. Luxury vehicles such as the BMW become showstoppers when they have the right body kit. In this article, we’ll discuss what to consider before adding a body kit to your BMW so you can take your time and make an informed decision. After all, style and elegance should never be rushed.

Why Choose a Body Kit?

The first question you must ask yourself is, Why do you want a body kit for your BMW? Understanding what you hope to accomplish with a body kit helps you decide whether it’s the right decision and which body kit is best for you.

Let’s look at a few different options for body kits for the BMW:

  • Carbon Fiber Full Body Kit: This consists of a front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser and center, front and rear bumper canards, and a trunk spoiler.
  • Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit: This consists of side skirts, front and rear bumper, fenders, trunk spoiler, carbon fiber hood, polymer wheel well guard, partial carbon widebody door, roof spoiler.
  • Partial Carbon Fiber Aero Full Kit: This consists of a rear diffuser, front lip, side skirts, fender, bumper caps, front spoiler.

Keep in mind that body kits are also available in separate parts if you don’t want an entire kit. You can choose side skirts, bumpers, just a spoiler, or any other part to create the look and performance you’re going for.

Before choosing, it’s important to understand if you’re looking to improve performance or simply want a certain style as the result of a body kit. If you want performance, go with the parts designed to enhance aerodynamics and your vehicle’s grip on the road. If you want style, simply choose what looks the best to you.

Understand the Fit

One of the things to consider before adding a body kit to your BMW is the initial fit may not be exact. It won’t be delivered to your home and instantly fit your car. Often, even with precise measurements, adjustments are necessary.

We highly recommend professional installation for that reason. The last thing you need is an imperfect body kit on a perfect BMW.

Added Weight

Body kits add weight to your car. An extra 20 pounds or so makes a difference in the way your car handles and how it feels to you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Weight might reduce speed ability, but it can also increase safety as the downforce from the body kit parts give your BMW a more intense grip on the road during tight turns and fast curves.

Extra Expense

Unless you’re offered a free body kit, there’s a cost to adding one to your BMW. Plan according to the style and performance you want but also according to your budget.

If a full body kit is too expensive, one option is to build your kit one piece at a time. Start with a sleek spoiler for an instant sporty vibe. Then add the diffusers and so on.

There is a downside to not getting the full body kit. When a lot of time passes in between adding additional body kit parts, colors fade and are difficult to match.

Choosing Material

Body kits come in a few common materials. Let’s look at what those are:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Polyurethane
  • ABS plastic
  • Composite

Each material has pros and cons. The following is a breakdown of those pros and cons:

  • Carbon fiber: It’s higher cost, very strong, lightweight, and known for its unique look and style.
  • Fiberglass: It’s inexpensive, lightweight, easy to paint, and cracks easily.
  • Polyurethane: It’s costly, flexible, and heavy.
  • ABS Plastic: It’s strong, paint applies well, but not as flexible.
  • Composite: It’s lightweight and made of a combination of materials.

Consult with a professional about which material is best for what you’re trying to achieve.

Warranty Effects

When you modify your BMW, it may affect your car’s warranty and insurance. Contact those companies and check on how your warranty or insurance rates might change. Additionally, prepare to have your BMW now seen as a sports car and not just a luxury vehicle—especially by the insurance company.

Who Will Install the Kit?

Who will install the body kit for your BMW? If you’re a handy auto body professional or a car enthusiast who knows what they’re doing, you can install it all yourself.

For most people—even those who love cars—professional installation is the best choice. As with most things in life, just about anything can go wrong when installing your BMW’s body kit. A professional can easily and quickly fix issues such as improper fit, cracks, and scratches. They can even match paint when needed.

After taking so much time choosing your body kit and spending the money on it, don’t cut corners or costs by installing the kit yourself (unless you have experience).

Consider Resale

You may want to sell your BMW down the road. If so, an added body kit will impress some potential buyers and deter others.

If you know you’ll sell or trade in soon, it makes sense to hold off on the body kit. Not everyone is a modification enthusiast. (Weird, right?)

A BMW is the perfect car to improve with a body kit. Their sleek, iconic style and impressive performance become elevated with the right modifications. You chose a BMW for a reason—you know it’s one of the best cars out there. Choose your body kit in the same way. Never skimp on it. Any additions should reach the same standards and level of luxury as the BMW.

At DarwinPro Aerodynamics, we carry full BMW body kits as well as separate body kit parts for all your luxury auto body modification needs. Browse our convenient online store or contact us and we’ll help you with your body kit questions and decisions.

DarwinPro Aerodynamics appreciates and understands luxury vehicles. We’re proud to offer only the highest quality in luxury and supercar auto body kits.

What To Consider Before Adding a Body Kit to Your BMW

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