Why You Should Never Drive a McLaren in Snow

Why You Should Never Drive a McLaren in Snow

Luxury cars have given people a chance to drive fast with great control on the road. Thrilling to drive, these cars perform best in the warmer and dryer months, and the McLaren is no exception. When winter comes around, it’s best not to drive this vehicle. You probably want to keep your McLaren in good shape, so read on to learn why you should never drive a McLaren in Snow.

Low Clearance

Most luxury or sport vehicles have a lower clearance than most cars, including the Mclaren. The lower clearance helps aerodynamics and gives the car better maneuverability for easier control. However, this low clearance makes driving in the snow difficult and dangerous.

Driving your McLaren in snow will make for a bumpier ride, and your vehicle will need to push through smaller mounds of snow, which could cause damage. The McLaren’s grille is closer to the ground and lacks a front bumper that would help mitigate the damage sustained from hard-packed snow as it drives.

RWD Is Not Suitable for Snow

As sports cars, most McLarens have rear-wheel drive for increased power and use the front wheels for control. However, the vehicle’s rear-wheel drive is another reason you should never drive a McLaren in snow.

During the winter, vehicles with all-wheel drive have the best chance of making it in a snowstorm or driving over fresh snow because of the traction provided when using all four wheels. Cars with RWD or FWD will struggle using only a single pair of wheels, leading to less traction and potentially using more fuel and adding strain.

Speed Is Risky

McLarens are known for their speed, which makes them a delight to drive during warmer months. But during the winter, high speeds become difficult to achieve and dangerous.

The potential ice and snow will make gaining traction necessary for speed difficult. Driving at fast speeds in a McLaren during winter conditions will also cause danger to yourself and others, as stopping is harder when there is wet snow that prevents your tires from gripping the asphalt.

The McLaren is a great car with notable performance, but when the snow begins to fall, the best option is not to drive it. Keep your car and yourself safe by driving a more winter-friendly option until spring. In the meantime, you can spruce up your McLaren by adding parts from a McLaren body kit. At DarwinPRO, we have everything you need to get your McLaren ready for amazing, warm- and dry-weather driving!

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