7 Luxury Cars That Look Amazing With Body Kits

7 Luxury Cars That Look Amazing With Body Kits

The design and appearance of a luxury car are of a higher quality than standard vehicles. The only way to make these cars look even better is by adding a body kit. However, certain elite vehicles lend themselves more to body kit upgrades than others. Discover which luxury cars look amazing with body kits and why they are the best options.

The Benefits of a Body Kit

Body kits are great enhancements for your vehicle to improve performance and appearance. The pieces in a body kit change the vehicle’s dimensions to make it look wider or more angular, depending on what you add. A body kit improves aerodynamics by reducing wind resistance to give the car more speed and decrease the effort it needs to accelerate against the wind.

The parts in a body kit have high-quality materials to match the excellent materials of the luxury car. These materials may be carbon fiber, steel, or aluminum to avoid adding excess weight to the vehicle. These additional parts improve the vehicle’s appearance by creating a special, functional aesthetic.

Certain body kit parts aim to accentuate or enlarge a part of the car, such as the fenders. Other body kit parts add to the vehicle to make it better, such as a spoiler or a skirt. The numerous parts and configurations create many possibilities when adding a body kit to your car.

You’ll enjoy experimenting with these pieces to make your luxury vehicle look and drive better. After all, while luxury cars already have great appearances, some will look better when you modify them with a body kit. Although body kits will improve any car, some vehicles will adapt better to body kits than others. Below are the luxury cars that look amazing with body kits.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Many people worldwide know of the Rolls-Royce brand and the zenith of their models: the Phantom. The Phantom has impressed people for almost a century with its elegance and luxury sedan body. This vehicle drives at a leisurely pace and focuses more on style and extravagance than speed.

However, adding a body kit to the Phantom will bring out its true beauty. Add a body kit that makes the vehicle look full with excellent features. A larger bumper closer to the ground will add more angular features to the front and give it a more detailed “face.” Likewise, replacing the fenders with a different material or color will enhance the design pattern.

For the Rolls-Royce Phantom, simpler additions are better, and keeping additions limited to only a few modifications will maintain and improve its luxurious appearance.

Lamborghini Huracán

The fast-paced Lamborghini Huracán is a marvel on the road, with a smooth curvature to its top and multiple detailed structures in its grille. Add a body kit to create more angles and noticeable features to the vehicle’s subtle appearance and create an interesting contrast between parts. For example, adding a body kit with a wing to the back will accentuate its ability to drive fast. Also, a back bumper with a rigid design will give it more personality and give people a feature to admire as you pass them on the road.

Mind the Front Bumper

The front part of a Lamborghini is noticeably lower than the back. This imbalance in height pushes the wheels closer to the ground for better traction. As an RWD vehicle, the Huracán’s back wheels will move the car forward at great speed while the front wheels focus on turning.

If you use a lip kit or a body kit that contains a front bumper, keep in mind how low the vehicle is to the ground after the addition. The low clearance may make driving on uneven pavement dangerous for the structure of your luxury car.

Speed bumps will also be a greater challenge. You’ll need to slow down more to clear the hump and may need to drive at an angle to let the wheels contact the bump first. Your Huracán will look great with an enhanced bumper, but it’s important to consider its effects on the road.

Nissan GT-R

This model of Nissan is a Gran Turismo racer, meaning it is a special type of car that moves at great speeds and has features to back up its pace. The great performance of the GT-R matches its excellent appearance with a spoiler in the back and raised fenders.

Improve these unique vehicle parts with a Nissan GT-R body kit, and use bulkier fenders to make the car look larger and like more of a force on the road. You can upgrade the spoiler in the back with a wider piece that slices the wind on the side of the car and brings out its race-ready appearance even more.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The German brand Mercedes-Benz continues to amaze the world with its world-class engineering. The S-Class looks amazing inside and out, and adding a body kit will enhance it further. The vehicle has a more subtle sedan body than the Rolls-Royce with a sleeker appearance. Adding a larger bumper will make the vehicle look wider and ready for serious driving. Also, adding accents to the hood and trunk will create a contrasting style that pairs well with its smooth surface.

BMW 4 Series

This valuable sports car has a slightly bulky appearance and will look better when you add more mass with a body kit. Improving the bumper, fenders, and skirt will round out the car and give it a smooth appearance, as it’s only a few inches from the ground. You could reinforce the front bumper for a fortified look that makes the luxury car look ready for any road conditions that come your way.

Ferrari 488 Spider

The Italian brand Ferrari famously produces vehicles with stellar appearances and fast-paced performance. Use a body kit to add flair to the Ferrari 488 Spider and make it look ready for the track instead of the road.

Add a spoiler to the back to pull off a race car design and install a bumper that’s lower to the ground for a bulkier look to this sleek car. You could also add a skirt to the sides to make the vehicle look well rounded and prepared for quick maneuvers.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

An SVR, or Special Vehicle Rating, car will have unique manufacturing and look great. The Jaguar F-Type SVR is a luxurious sports car with great features. And given its SVR status, it will have even better design elements that will work well with a body kit.

Add an enhanced back bumper to bring out more of the vehicle’s other half since the front is more prominent. Use a larger spoiler to accentuate the back and create a noticeable aesthetic with more parts that stand out on this great car.

An excellent car requires excellent additions. By using a body kit, you’ll garner more attention as you drive around in a luxury vehicle that looks even better than it did when you bought it.

7 Luxury Cars That Look Amazing With Body Kits

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