Top 3 Questions You’ll Be Asked at an Exotic Car Show

Top 3 Questions You’ll Be Asked at an Exotic Car Show

If you have an exotic car you want to show off to the world, consider taking it to an exotic car show. As people look at your exotic car, they’ll most likely have a few questions for you, so it’s important to prepare to share your vehicle’s great details. Read on to learn the common questions people will ask at an exotic car show and showcase your knowledge about your car.

What are the Make and Model?

The first thing a person will notice about your vehicle is its appearance, which typically involves the make and model. Different makes or brands will have unique appearances and features, especially in luxury cars with exceptional technology that most mundane cars don’t have. The various models of each brand will take the car’s excellence further—the more unique the brand, the more unique the model.

People will be curious about the make and model of your car, given its attractive appearance. You must understand the year, model, and brand and if your vehicle is a variant or configuration. Different models will have versions, such as coupe or GT, that certain eventgoers may have more interest in. Having this information on hand will help their search.

What Modifications Did You Make?

Exotic cars and modifications combine to create an automotive masterpiece. Expect questions about what you did to make your vehicle look great when you put your modified vehicle on display at an exotic car show.

Inform your fellow car enthusiasts of your upgrades and what they do. If you added a Tesla body kit to your Tesla model, go into detail about which parts you added, why, and how they benefit the car. Providing spec comparisons, such as the difference in speed, fuel economy or energy efficiency, and aerodynamics, will create the wow factor that you want from interested buyers.

How Much Did You Pay For It?

Many luxury cars at the show will raise the question of price. The price of your vehicle, and its modifications, is a common question people will ask you at exotic car shows because they want to know how much they will need to spend to have a car as good as yours.

Having all the information possible about your vehicle is important to give potential buyers more information than a typical salesman at a dealership. Tell them about the original price you bought it for and how much the car is worth now with the modifications you’ve added. Give estimates and recommendations for more affordable options to help your fellow enthusiasts make their exotic cars look as good, if not better.

Many will feel curious about your elite car when they see it on display at the car show. Prepare for these questions and more so you can tell people about your car’s unique features and how they can upgrade their rides.

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