Best Upgrades for your Luxury Car Lamborghini Aventador

Best Upgrades for Your Luxury Car

You have purchased the car of your dreams; why mess with perfection? Even if you thought your luxury car was perfect, an upgrade may make you wonder how you ever lived without it. From lights with your logo to speakers that sound like you are at a live concert, some upgrades take a car to a new level of luxury. Here are some of the best upgrades for your luxury car.

Door Projecting Lights

How cool is it to open your door and have your car’s logo shine on the ground? You can even have them display your favorite sports team’s logo.

If you have never seen this cool upgrade, you’ll be impressed. The projector light upgrade on a luxury car shines a logo on the ground next to your car when the door is opened. Then the logo disappears when the door is closed.

Your Saturday night date will feel like they are about to walk the red carpet when you open the door and they step into the spotlight. That alone makes this upgrade worth it.


What good is a luxury car without the best stereo system? Driving along listening to your favorite tunes is a great stress reliever. And it’s even better when the sound is so real that it sounds like you are at a live concert. Upgrading speakers is simple and is one of the best upgrades for your luxury car.

Apple Car Play or Android Auto

Both Apple Car Play and Android Auto work with your phone, allowing you to access phone features on your car’s infotainment screen. This is a great upgrade because it gives you more hands-free options, keeping you and your passengers safe.

With this upgrade, you can access your favorite navigation apps, listen to your playlists, and make calls—all hands-free.

Body Kits

Body kits will take the car you already love and bring it to another level. They are one of the most impressive and significant changes you can make to increase style. Body kits are components that you can install on your car to give it a sporty and unique look. Spoilers, rear and front bumpers, and side skirts are a few examples of the parts of a body kit.

Although luxury cars already have it all, they can still be upgraded with body kits. Ferrari, Jaguar, and even Mercedes Benz body kits are available, taking an already spectacular car and making it something you’ll want to live in.

You won’t find higher quality body kit upgrades than Bayspeed Aero body kits. From Mercedes Benz to Tesla and every luxury car in between, we’ve got you covered.

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