How To Choose the Right Body Kit

How To Choose the Right Body Kit

Seldom does one simply wake up one morning and decide to throw a body kit on their luxury car. It needs to be a decision that has been well thought out so you get the body kit you desire and don’t regret it. There are a few things to think about when deciding how to choose the right body kit for your car.

What Look Are You Trying To Achieve?

Kits offer a uniqueness in each design, allowing you to choose according to your personality and style so you can achieve your desired effect. Is your car better equipped to pull off a classic, sophisticated style or a daring, edgy look? Do you want to shock people and make their jaws drop, or do you prefer quiet admiration for the unusually classy machine you drive?

If you are upgrading your luxury car, you certainly don’t want to downgrade it by implementing the wrong style body kit. Driving a supercar means choosing a supercar body kit as opposed to a “run of the mill” one. Be sure to work with a company that understands these types of unique cars.

Is Performance a Consideration?

You can improve the aerodynamics of your car with a body kit if you choose the right kind. Better aerodynamics means better gas mileage.

As you enjoy the speed of your new and improved aerodynamic car, the rear spoiler from the kit will help keep the back end down, which is a pretty decent safety feature.

There are even headlights offered in body kits, making you much more visible on the road.

On the other hand, you may be completely satisfied with the current performance of your vehicle, and that works too. You can enjoy simply focusing on upgrading with a body kit for the pure beauty of it.

Money May Be an Object

Even if a body kit is easily affordable for you, most everyone wants to get the most for their money. If it is an obstacle but you really want it, just plan ahead, shop around for the best bang for your buck, and don’t invest in it until you can get exactly what you want. It is your car and you love it. If you have to wait a few months, or even a year or more, you’ll be glad you did it right.

Do You Need a Whole Kit?

When deciding how to choose the right body kit, consider that oftentimes separate pieces can be purchased if you are only interested in upgrading certain areas of the car. You may just want a cool spoiler for better performance or a unique hood. The problem with this is once you see improvement in one area, you may want to keep going.

The benefit of adding the entire body kit at once is having it all done at the same time while using the same company and knowing it will all go together perfectly.


Body kits can be ordered as is or customized to your liking. You have set out to find something unique, so it only makes sense that you may not be impressed with a standard, unoriginal kit.

Keep in mind that customization will probably cost you more compared to a pre-fabricated body kit. Speak with a manufacturer who specializes in luxury cars and body kits when discerning whether customization is the best choice for your vehicle.


Materials matter and are not equal. If you invest in a body kit for your luxury car, make that investment worth it by choosing the best materials.

As you research what is best, you will see fiberglass, carbon fiber, polyurethane, and plastic all mentioned. They all serve different purposes and should be carefully chosen. Flexibility, lighter weight, better performance, and an ability to repair all need to be considered.


Inexpensive but difficult to install due to its inflexibility, fiberglass is easy to paint, making it a popular choice among body kit fans.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is expensive but an excellent choice as it is both lightweight and strong. You get what you pay for and carbon fiber is well worth it.

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic fairs well on impact, is more flexible than fiberglass, and paints well. It can be a bit more expensive, too.


Polyurethane is resistant to cracking and quite flexible. However, it can be heavy.


Composites are a combination of materials, such as carbon and fiberglass or polyurethane and fiberglass, and an excellent choice as they offer the best of more than one material.


To you, nothing would be better than your luxury car becoming even more luxurious with a custom body kit. However, should you decide to sell your dream car someday, you may find not everyone agrees.

Resale is something to keep in mind as you decide whether to improve your car with a body kit. Most people looking for a pre-owned vehicle are in search of a specific model with a look they recognize. On the other hand, finding a unique and unexpected custom car with a body kit could be a welcome surprise for the right buyer.


Before choosing a body kit for your car, contact your insurance company to see how and if it will change your rates. Many body kits are designed to improve the aerodynamic performance of your car. Insurance companies sometimes view this as a risk. We know you’d never drive like Speed Racer, but it may be hard to assure your insurance company of that.

Choosing the right body kit for your luxury vehicle is enjoyable when you choose the right manufacturer. Knowledge and a passion for making the best options available are what to look for. DarwinPRO has the knowledge you can trust and a passion for perfection. Contact us for answers to all your body kit questions and to get one step closer to a luxury car unlike any other.

How To Choose the Right Body Kit

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