What a Spoiler Does on a Car

What a Spoiler Does on a Car

Chances are you already love your sport or luxury car. Maybe you’re considering upgrades to make it even more impressive. Front and rear spoilers are a great place to start, offering better performance for your vehicle and giving it an even sportier look. Let’s look at what a spoiler does on a car.

Front Spoiler

A front spoiler is attached to the front bumper and is sometimes referred to as a “lip.” The purpose of the spoiler is to avoid airflow below the car. Air flowing under your car produces a lift which reduces performance and isn’t safe at high speeds.

As the air is forced away from under the car by the spoiler, it creates a downforce of air at the top of the car, literally holding the car down. This gives it better traction and a safer “grip” at high speeds.

To understand it visually, imagine turning a sharp corner at 75 MPH with airflow under the car, compared to the air holding the car down to the ground while turning.

Rear Spoiler

A rear spoiler is at the back of the car and adds an aerodynamic quality.

The rear spoiler is at the edge of a car’s trunk, making it more obvious than the front spoiler and giving your car a really cool look. The simple addition of a rear spoiler can turn your sophisticated Audi into a supercar to be envied, and your BMW into a distracting machine during the morning commute.

The rear spoiler deflects airflow, forcing it to the top of the car just like the front spoiler. This makes it a great safety option. Because of how it’s placed and improves airflow, a rear spoiler offers excellent aerodynamics to your luxury car.

Choosing a Spoiler

Spoilers are often standard in many full auto body kits. They can also be purchased separately. Your choices will depend on what you’re looking for. Just be sure when choosing kits that you choose one designed with your car in mind. A Mercedes doesn’t need an Audi body kit, just as a Tesla spoiler won’t suit an Audi.

DarwinPro is here to answer any questions about what a spoiler does on a car, and any other auto body kit questions you may have. We will listen to what you’re trying to improve on your luxury car and customize everything to achieve that goal.

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