Understanding What Side Skirts Do

Understanding What Side Skirts Do

Luxury and supercar owners expect the best—not only in the way their vehicle looks but also in the way it performs. Customizing an already incredible machine can only improve the driving experience. Side skirts offer a decrease in high pressure and an increase in downforce, making your ride smoother, faster, and safer. They look sleek and cool, but understanding what side skirts do is important before choosing your auto body upgrades.

High Pressure

Cars have different areas of pressure that affect airflow. For the best aerodynamic performance, airflow needs to move over the top of a car, creating a downforce that actually pushes down at the top, holding it to the road and making it easier to move swiftly around sharp turns, pick up speed, and not be held back by air pressure.

The high-pressure area holds a car back from being more aerodynamic and makes it difficult to reach peak performance for fast and smooth driving.

What Side Skirts Can Do for Your Car

As you look to improve the aerodynamics of your car, understanding what side skirts do is the first step. There are times when owning a supercar, you want to feel just how super it is. Reducing high-pressure areas and increasing the downforce will give you that smooth performance you are looking for.

Side Skirts attach below the driver and front passenger doors. Not only do they improve aerodynamic performance by shifting airflow from underneath the car to the top of the car, but they also protect the paint on your car, as they can block rocks and debris from flying up from underneath and chipping away at the car’s finish.

How To Install Side Skirts

Side skirts are often part of a complete auto body kit or can be purchased on their own. It is best to have a professional install them to be sure they are done correctly. Investing in your car is not worth it if the installation is not done properly.

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