Facts About Ferrari That Every Car Enthusiast Should Know

Facts About Ferrari That Every Car Enthusiast Should Know

Can you envision a Ferrari without the word sexy coming to mind? We sure can’t. Smooth lines, superior handling, and unique body styles characterize these impressive vehicles. It’s as if the cars speak the romance language of Italian as they drive by. Even those who may never own a Ferrari love these automobiles and study their every design. Ferrari is even more interesting than you may know, though. Check out these facts about Ferrari that every car enthusiast should know.


While most luxury vehicle companies have caved and come up with an SUV design, Ferrari models hold to what the company created them to be—street-friendly race cars. And a true, luxurious supercar is never a sport utility vehicle.

The Fiorano Circuit

Fiorano circuit, located near Fiorano Modenese, Italy, is the privately owned Ferrari racetrack that the company developed to test their cars. We’d say they take their job pretty seriously. The track is full of twists and turns and sharp corners. Here’s the best part—as a Ferrari customer, you’re allowed to drive the track. Buy a Ferrari, go to Italy, and drive a course that simulates actual Grand Prix racetracks. Not a bad deal.

Origins in the Racecar Biz

Enzo Ferrari was a race car driver himself, winning many awards for racing. During the 20s, when racing was limited to the rich and famous, Enzo founded the Scuderia Ferrari (a division of Alfa Romeo, his driving partner) to prepare race cars for wealthy gentlemen. In 1945, Ferrari introduced the V12 engine, which became the signature of the company. However, the first true Ferrari wasn’t available until 1947.

The V12 Engine

For the longest time, Ferrari would only produce their unique race car-style vehicles with V12 engines. That’s no longer the case, but they still offer some models with a V12, giving them the Ferrari power like no other.

The Sound

Okay, maybe everyone knows this, but the consensus is that a Ferrari always sounds good—always. We aren’t sure how they do it. Some say it’s the flat-plane design of the engine because no matter engine’s size, heads turn when we hear a Ferrari’s smooth as silk roar. Whatever they’re doing, it works.

The Highest Demand

Ferrari has cleverly figured out the perfect production and demand ratio. Even during tough times, demand, ordering, and waiting lists remain consistent for the Italian dream. No other cars are as sought after, dreamed about, and desired as the Ferraris. They’re the supercars that stole hearts in 1947 and continue to do so today.

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