The Most Popular Upgrades for Audi Vehicles

The Most Popular Upgrades for Audi Vehicles

For those who love luxury vehicles, we understand the desire to improve upon a car that’s already, well, perfect. That’s the point of a luxury car: to make it enjoyable in every way possible. The Audi is no exception when it comes to luxury, with its smooth lines and excellent performance. It’s a classic and yet sought after by lots of people. Let’s take a look at the most popular upgrades for Audi vehicles.


A spoiler attaches to the trunk of your Audi and increases aerodynamic performance while making your Audi look sporty and still maintaining its sophistication.

Spoilers redirect airflow, preventing air from escaping to the underbelly of the car and instead forces it to the top. This creates a downforce needed for a better grip on the road. The result? Better handling at fast speeds and around tight curves.


Upgrading the grill is a small change with a big impact. If you want to take your Audi from a stock look to unique and sexy, the first step is a grill upgrade.

Floor Mats

This is a simple upgrade and definitely a DIY project. Although floor mats make no impact on the exterior of the car, guests seated in your Audi will appreciate an impressive mat on which to rest their feet. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy it every time you step into the car to drive.

Remote Car Start

This is, without a doubt, one of the most fantastic upgrades you could get. Air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter provide enough reasons to get your Audi running before you jump in. And let’s be honest, if you’re in need of a quick getaway (bad date?), a remote start has you covered.

Tinted Windows

Have you ever pulled up alongside an Audi with a great tint job? It’s beyond cool and sophisticated—two things the Audi pulls off well. Tinted windows offer protection from the sun’s rays, and best of all, privacy from nosey Ned when stuck in interstate traffic. Although, please have a professional do the tinting. A bad tint job on a luxury car sort of takes the word luxury out of the equation.


See clearly and look sharp with HID or LED headlights. Although newer Audis come with them, an older version probably has a standard incandescent lighting system. Nighttime driving is drastically improved with better lights.

Carbon Fiber Hood

We don’t need more reasons for a carbon fiber hood, other than the fact that they look ridiculously cool. If you’re going for the race car look, a carbon fiber hood is a great start. Still, there’s another reason for those who enjoy driving at a quicker pace. This hood reduces the weight of the car. Less weight equals quicker pickup. Cool looks, faster speeds—we love this type of hood.

Rear Diffuser

Located at the aft, or back area, of the car’s underbelly, a rear diffuser is a modification that reduces drag by grabbing the air from underneath the car, passing it through the expansion chamber of the diffuser and changing it from high pressure to low pressure. This, in turn, creates an increase in downforce, and that’s always a good thing.

Wider Tires

Upgrading your Audi with wider tires means more tire surface to make contact with the road, therefore resulting in a better grip. As with many upgrades, the improved performance is a bonus to how cool the upgrade looks. A wider tire stance replicates the look of a racecar, and many luxury car owners desire that style.

Fender Flares

We can’t discuss wide tires without covering fender flares. With wider tires on your Audi, the tires are left partially unprotected as they stick out further than the body of the car. Fender flares are designed to fix that issue by covering the entire width of the wider tire. Problem solved.

Fender flares, like most upgrades, take your Audi to the next level with their unique look as compared to other Audis on the road.

Full Body Kit

One of the most popular upgrades for Audi vehicles and the ultimate upgrade for any luxury car is the full auto body kit. It transforms your Audi and gives a driving experience like no other. Here’s why:

full kits offer multiple modifications at once, giving your Audi a complete makeover and overall uniform appearance. Once you experience one modifying upgrade, there’s a good chance you’ll want more, so why not just get it all done at once?

Spoilers, diffusers, front and rear bumpers, and side skirts are pretty typical in full kits. They can vary or be customized.

Widebody Kit

The widebody kit does just what it says—it widens the body of the car. If you love that wide, low-to-the-ground look (think Batmobile), then you’ll love the wide body style on your Audi. It looks super cool, is unique, and handles fabulously.

Hopefully, you don’t put yourself in situations where you might roll over while out for a drive. Still, if you try, it’s tougher to roll your Audi when covered in a widebody auto kit. The width and length become more equally distributed, making the maneuver difficult to achieve. However, we suggest that you don’t try it. Just know that while your upgrade looks cool, it’s also functioning as a safety precaution.

German by design and built to last, somehow the Audi exudes elegance and sportiness at the same time. Any additional upgrades are simply a bonus to this beautifully constructed machine. There are only a few vehicles that please consumers over and over, creating a loyal following for generations, and the Audi is one of them. DarwinPro Aerodynamics agrees.

We offer high-quality body kits designed for the most luxurious of all luxury cars, including the full Audi body kit for your Audi vehicle upgrade needs. Contact us or visit our website for further information on how to upgrade your luxury vehicle. It’s time to take it to the next level.

The Most Popular Upgrades for Audi Vehicles

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