The Most Popular Lamborghini Colors

The Most Popular Lamborghini Colors

As if the thought of a Lamborghini isn’t overwhelming enough, imagine choosing a color. Thankfully, no matter the color, a Lamborghini is a Lamborghini, and cool is unavoidable. Let’s take a look at the most popular Lamborghini colors and dream of owning one ourselves.

Does Color Matter?

Well, yes, of course—the choice in car color matters. In luxury cars such as the Lamborghini, it may matter even more. A color not only speaks volumes to your personality but also makes a difference in resale value. Do you judge a super-car by its color? Is black cooler than white, or red sexier than yellow? It all depends on one’s taste. Let’s look at the top five most popular Lamborghini colors according to what has sold best.

Verdi Mantis

Most often seen in the Lamborghini Huracan, verdi mantis is a very bright shade of green. Verdi mantis says young, fast, and sporty very well, so it’s no wonder the younger generation that prefers this model of the Lamborghini loves this bold and daring color.


Yes, basic white is right up there as one of the most popular Lamborghini colors. If you think about it, white is classic and sophisticated. It brings an elegance and maturity to what some people might see as a car built only for the purpose of speed. White on a Lamborghini reminds us that this isn’t just one of the world’s greatest super-cars—it’s pure luxury.


None of us would have believed it if black didn’t make the list of most popular colors. Black is the all-time classic color for luxury sports cars. It’s sexy and sleek, and it lends to the mystery of the Lamborghini for those who can only watch it fly by.


Yellow has become a bit of a signature paint job for Lamborghini enthusiasts. Some people say it’s the color to have. We say choose the color you love, but we do have to agree: yellow is very popular. Car-lovers enjoy how it catches their eye. There’s no hiding in a yellow Lamborghini. When you pull up, everyone notices.


Blue is quite popular, but not in just one shade. Lamborghini offers 12 shades of blue, and each one is equally as beautiful. We find the blue shades refreshing and classic like white, but with a rather fun-loving sort of feel. Blue is sporty yet laid back.

So, there you have it: the five most popular Lamborghini colors. Don’t fret if you don’t see one that floats your boat; you have about 25 more to choose from. To change your luxury car beyond the color, DarwinPro Aerodynamics offers the Lamborghini body kit, along with body kits for all super-cars. Contact us or take a look around our convenient online store. We’ll help you turn your luxury car into the car of your absolute dreams.

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