Why the Nissan GT-R Is Loved by Car Enthusiasts

Why the Nissan GT-R Is Loved by Car Enthusiasts

Its racecar style and a price that beats the competition so more enthusiasts can enjoy a luxury sports car keep the Nissan GT-R going strong. Power, superb handling, and a trusted company are just a few of the reasons why the Nissan GT-R is loved by car enthusiasts. Follow along, and let’s discuss what makes this well-loved car so popular, and why it’s earned the beloved nickname Godzilla.


As a standard, the GT-R engine is a 3.8-liter. This six-cylinder, twin-turbo engine will impressively take you from zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds. If you know sports cars, we expect your jaw just dropped a bit. The Nissan GT-R is quicker than a Porsche 911 GT3 or a Ferrari 458. Wow. Don’t let the word Nissan fool you. This car can fly.


How do we describe the handling of a GT-R? Let’s go back to the word Godzilla. While other luxurious sports cars quietly and gently grip the road, Godzilla grabs onto it like a giant beast, giving its drivers a feeling of power and a driving experience like no other. There’s nothing gentle about the Nissan GT-R. It came to drive. You know you’re behind the wheel of something powerful, because you feel it.

The GT-R’s all-wheel drive and a dual-clutch system both make taking tight curves feel as though you’re driving a racecar in Daytona, rather than taking a country drive. Nissan was one of the first to combine all-wheel drive, an engine over 500 horsepower, adaptive suspension, and sensors that monitor it all. Again, look out Ferrari and Porsche. This coupe can hold its own and gives other luxury cars a run for their money.


The Nissan GT-R is designed to drive—period. That’s where its gift is. The emphasis of this powerful machine isn’t put on the interior. Still, it has plenty to offer, and although it may not be a Mercedes inside, it’s still in the luxury department, while also making the driver feel like they just sat into the bucket seat of a racecar (champagne at the finish line?).

Infotainment with an 8-inch touchscreen, leather and suede seats, dual-zone climate control, and ambient lighting make the interior nothing less than sexy. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—for those who want luxury without the usual luxury sticker price, Nissan GT-R is the way to go.


Admit it, we all recognize the Nissan GT-R from the film “2 Fast 2 Furious.” Now that you understand more about this classic racecar style car, you can see why they chose it.

Modeled after the Skyline which was produced between 1969 and 1972 and had car enthusiasts drooling, the GT-R gets a head start on feeling the love. For many car enthusiasts and race fans, the Skyline is considered one of the best supercars ever created, and Nissan’s greatest racecar. Today’s Nissan GT-R is a heart-stopping hat tip to the Skyline, to say the least.

Built on Trust

As an 87-year-old car company, Nissan has earned the trust of loyal customers who return again and again. Loyalty doesn’t stem from chance. Nissan is known for quality and constant improvement as needs and technology grow and change. They keep up with the times while remaining classic, and that’s why enthusiasts of all kinds love them.

Resale Value

The Nissan GT-R is known for its great resale value. That’s music to a Nissan owner’s ears. Just because they’re lower priced than most other supercars doesn’t mean they’re cheap. The average Joe, looking for a simple car to take to work and grab groceries on the way home, would most likely baulk at the sticker price. However, for those who understand luxury, power, and the elite car biz, those six figures are impressive for what you get.

All that to say, the Nissan holds its value; about 60 % to be exact. So, the day you decide it’s time to sell, plan on getting a good chunk of your investment back. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Buy Used

Here’s the thing—for those wanting the Nissan GT-R (because who wouldn’t), you don’t have to pay full price. With one of the best resale values out there, go ahead and buy used, knowing it’s so well-built that you’ll get plenty more use out of this car. Sure, the seller plans on selling it at a decent price because they know the Nissan holds its value. Still, as a buyer, you get a better price than if you bought new, and it’s a car that will also hold its value for you. It’s a win-win.


Ready to make heads spin? The Nissan GT-R is a head-turning, road-gripping, fast machine. And yet, still, its owner can take it to another level with auto body kits. Here are some possible modifications for the Nissan GT-R:

  • Full body kit
  • Carbon fiber hood
  • Rear diffuser
  • Carbon fiber front lip
  • Side skirts
  • Spoiler

Seriously, with these upgrades, most people will wonder if your ride is legal. The GT-R is the perfect car to modify because it’s already impressive. Body kits increase aerodynamics and make an already sporty car truly look like it should be on the track, not the highway. Let them wonder.

If you’re heading out the door because you can’t take it anymore and need to go car shopping, we apologize. It’s impossible to downplay the Nissan GT-R. If you weren’t already, now that you understand why the Nissan GT-R is loved by car enthusiasts, you may have just become an enthusiast yourself. It’s tough not to when reading about a car that’s earned the name “Godzilla.”

As you can tell, at DarwinPro Aerodynamics, we love to talk cars. Our world revolves around supercars and improving their performance, style, and your driving experience, with the use of high-quality luxury auto body kits. We cater to elite car drivers and offer not only Nissan GT-R body kits, but body kits for every luxury car. Contact us or shop our convenient online store. We are here to answer all your questions and make driving fun again.

Why the Nissan GT-R Is Loved by Car Enthusiasts

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