Tips for Upgrading Your Model 3

Tips for Upgrading Your Model 3

First released in 2017, the Model 3 is a sexy, compact electric vehicle at a price plenty of people can afford. The Tesla Model 3 offers affordable luxury with an eco-friendly design—simply put, it’s one of a kind. Although its near perfect, modifications are available. Here are a few tips for upgrading your Model 3.

What Are Your Goals?

Before jumping into upgrades, consider your upgrade goals. Why are you doing this? What do you want from it? Are you looking to improve aerodynamics? Change the look? Or maybe just make the interior more comfortable and unique? Decide what it is you’re going for, and then look into possible modifications to upgrade your Tesla.


Quality is of utmost importance when making changes or additions to an already quality car. You chose the Tesla because of its unsurpassed comfort and design. Don’t downgrade a great car with cheap modifications. Choose an experienced and trusted company when adding any modifications and upgrades.

Popular Upgrades

There are plenty of upgrade options for the Tesla Model 3. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

  • Fender flares: For wider tires.
  • Spoiler: For improved aerodynamics and an instant sporty look.
  • Carbon-fiber hood: Lightweight for greater aerodynamics.
  • Carbon fiber dashboard trim and carbon fiber seat back cover: Gives your Tesla a racecar finish.
  • Side skirts: Stops the high-pressure air from going under the car and, in turn, creates better downforce at the top of the Tesla, where it’s needed.
  • Full body kit: This is the ultimate upgrade. Your Tesla will reach optimal sportiness, luxury, and aerodynamic capabilities with a full luxury auto body kit.

Are Upgrades Right for You?

Upgrades are sharp, fun, and improve any car. Still, the best advice for upgrading your Tesla Model 3 is to do it for yourself. Your Tesla is an investment. If the thought of upgrading excites you, you’ve thought about it for a while, and you know you love the upgraded look for the Tesla, then it’s time to upgrade for sure. At DarwinPro Aerodynamics, we are passionate about body kits, modifications, and upgrading luxurious cars. Our team of experts knows a car such as the Tesla Model 3 deserves only the best. We offer a full Tesla body kit, along with many other luxury body kits and partial body kits. We love to talk cars, so feel free to contact us anytime, and we’ll answer any body kit questions you have.

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